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Lipo-Light LED body contouring

180 medspa dedicated hard-core research hours to find the best non-invasive body contouring treatment on the market. The Lipo-Light advanced slimming and toning is efficient and effective body-sculpting technology for those of us who can’t get rid of stubborn fat!

Come in and be one of the first in Central Florida to take your body from “nice” to “insane” or from “fit” to “ripped!” The Europeans know all about incredible physiques, and those physiques don’t often come from exercise alone. One proven method to decreased body fat is Lipo-Light.

Lipo-Light has been used successfully for years overseas, and now that Sandy has it, we can sculpt our bodies without surgical intervention here in good ‘ole Winter Park! Add Lipo-Light to your healthy regimen and you will see instantaneous results!

Lipo-Light uses LED pads, placed strategically in fatty areas of the body, to break down fat cells and to stimulate the natural drainage of the lymphatic system.

With exercise, the fat cells are literally flushed away and processed by the body’s lymphatic system. The results are fast and significant – up to an inch of fat loss on certain areas of the body!

Lipo-Light LED body contouring
Heard the Latest?

“I have a personal trainer and eat mostly healthy foods, but I still have persistent fat around my belly and back. It’s gross! But I don’t want to suffer through surgery!”


Want to lose belly fat?
Excess fat in your arms and thighs?
Get rid of that gross roll on your upper back?

Lipo-Light can help you eliminate the most tenacious fatty areas permanently! The light directed into the fat cells actually changes the permeability of the cell and triggers the release of lipase (a natural enzyme produced in the body); the fat cells are reduced in size and pass through the pores and into the blood stream in as little as 20 minutes!

That means within 30 minutes, you can see tangible results!

The best part about the LipoLight is there is no bruising, swelling, burning, pain or anesthesia required; essentially NO SIDE EFFECTS!

To receive maximum benefit from your treatment, recommends approximately 8 sessions over 4 weeks, including regular exercise and your normal healthy diet. During the process of Lipo-Light, the body releases fatty acids which are used by the body as energy during exercise, so it’s very important that you exercise regularly while receiving treatment!

When integrated into your weekly exercise and nutritional program, Lipo-Light will dramatically increase your body-sculpting results. Almost immediately, you will turn heads, hear catcalls, and find yourself answering that incredible question: “What’d you do to look so amazing???!”

Check out the LipoLight website (http://www.lipo-light.com) and come in today for your complimentary consultation about this phenomenal new technology! It really does work.