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Fractional Skin Resurfacing *

Fractional Resurfacing - Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing located in Winter Park, FL

Problem: “I survived my teenage breakouts but am left with acne scars. To make matters worse, I also have stretch marks and melasma from earlier pregnancies. Is there anything I can do to erase these blemishes?”

Treatment: Fractional Resurfacing - Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing

Fractional Skin Resurfacing

Note: Results may vary with each individual patient.

Beautiful skin is what you want and what you deserve. Laser skin resurfacing treats undesirable skin imperfections on your face and body. It’s now easier than ever to improve the way your skin looks and feels, without surgery or lengthy recovery times.

Fractional laser skin resurfacing can quickly and easily improve a multitude of skin flaws. It’s the skin resurfacing solution that can give you youthful, touchable, and beautiful skin from head to toe.

As we grow up, we often experience annoying breakouts usually right before school pictures or a hot date! Many of us are also cursed with a more distressing form of breakouts acne that is persistent and slow to heal. Though we often grow out of the pimply, acne phase, our skin grows older with us. Unfortunately, in other words, as we grow older, so too does our skin. Lines, wrinkles, sunspots, pigmented and vascular lesions, and rosacea often replace breakouts as a result of aging, gravity, and exposure to the sun. For all of these skin problems, we recommend Fractional Skin Resurfacing.

Facial treatment is the most popular use for Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing because patients are unaware of the body treatments available. The age of a men/woman can easily be exposed by the condition of their hands. Don't let the spots and wrinkles give it away. Treat your hands to a Hand Rejuvenation treatment using Fractional Resurfacing today!

Since the early 1990s, lasers have become the high tech equivalent of dermabrasion or deep chemical peels for skin resurfacing (removal of the outer layer of the skin). What was once a painful, labor intensive procedure is now a low-discomfort, easy treatment.

Sandy Hutnick, MSN, ARNP, Owner of 180 medspa swears by Fractional Skin Resurfacing, explaining that “with high efficacy and no down time, non-ablative resurfacing technology can take years off my clients’ appearance.” After a series of treatments the skin becomes softer, smoother, and fresher. Fine lines, sunspots, acne scars and melasma have now become treatable conditions, with outstanding results! Sandy’s patients say it’s like Photoshop but in long-lasting, laser form!

Most clients require from 3-5 treatments to attain significant (Photoshop) results. Sandy Hutnick, MSN, ARNP uses non-ablative fractional lasers, giving her clients maximum treatment results with minimum recovery time. Most clients experience minor redness and swelling for 30 minutes following the treatment, redness can persist for a couple days following treatment with more sensitive skin types. If you want to rejuvenate your skin and restore your face to its youthful glory, schedule your complimentary consultation today, and ask about Fractional Skin Resurfacing!

Fractional Skin Resurfacing

How does it work?

Your provider uses a fractional laser from the company that invented and patented micro-fractional laser technology. Fractional skin resurfacing with Palomar uses laser energy microbeams to create areas of affected tissue that extend through the epidermis into the dermis. The body’s natural healing process creates new, healthy tissue to replace the areas of affected tissue, resulting in healthier, younger skin.

How long does treatment take?

Most treatments last no more than 40 minutes. Depending on the condition being treated, your provider may recommend a single treatment session or a series of progressive treatments for your best results.

How quickly will I recover?

Usually you may resume your regular activities the same day following some treatments; more aggressive procedures may require several days of healing. Ask your provider about what you can expect from your treatment.

Does it hurt?

Depending on the options your provider selects, most people feel minimal discomfort during and after the treatment. In some cases, your provider may recommend mild pain management options during the procedure and/or for a few days following the treatment.

What can I expect after treatment?

Depending upon the treatment option your provider recommends, you can expect to experience a temporary redness, warmth, and swelling at the treatment site, which typically lasts only a few days. In other cases, some post-care wound management may be necessary for a few days following treatment. Your provider will discuss potential side effects and your post- treatment expectations with you based on the type of treatment you’ll receive.

*Note: Results may vary with each individual patient.