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Sandy Hutnick, CEO

Sandy Hutnick, CEO

At the heart of 180 medspa is our CEO and Practitioner Extraordinaire: Board Certified, Registered NP Sandy Hutnick. With 14 years’ experience in cosmetic and anti-aging services, Sandy is certified in laser hair removal, tattoo removal, sclerotherapy, skin rejuvenation, and the injection of Botox and dermal fillers.

Sandy is a member of the Central Florida Advanced Nursing Practice Council. Sandy uses the latest advancements in the cosmetic industry to provide the best products and services to her clients. She provides aesthetic services to both plastic surgery offices and high-end salons across Central Florida...

People come in for Sandy’s services, but they return over and over again because of Sandy. Sandy’s greatest strength is that she is both a practitioner and an artist. While she believes wholeheartedly that beauty comes from within, she also realizes that a little extra help on the exterior is a wonderful thing! Sandy has an artist’s eye and a magician’s touch; she treats all her clients like fine works of art: her work is subtle and restorative . . . so you won’t leave feeling like you’ve been on Extreme Makeover, but you will leave feeling like you are 10 years younger!

After you’ve taken a few moments to review our site (we suggest reading up on Skin Concerns, Services, and – of course – Before & After) call us to schedule an appointment with Sandy. The sooner you do, the sooner you will feel beautiful inside and out...

Medical Director Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown, MD

Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown, MD is the author of two best-selling books on sexual wellbeing. She recently opened Amore Medical Spa in order to provide her patients with the newest, state-of-the-art technologies in women’s anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Nicole is the owner of Amore Medspa located inside 180medspa Winter Park Florida’s premier destination for aesthetic and now sexual enhancement treatments for women, men and couples! What better way to share some intimate time together than with the one you love being pampered at our luxurious medical spa!

Dr. Eisenbrown offers treatments that use the body’s own natural healing abilities to “turn back the clock” on the face & body. Our Medical Spa services for couples include: His and Hers PRP “Vampire” Facials; simultaneous “O” Shots and “P” Shots, Gainswave therapy; and more.

Improve your love life with treatments that offer greater sexual responsive and satisfaction for you and your partner!

See Dr. Nicole to relax, restore & renew … and become a more youthful, attractive & sexually satisfied you.